Easy Granola Bar Recipe: Design Your Own Healthy Granola Bar (SimpleFrugal Photo Guides)

Easy Granola Bar Recipe: Design Your Own Healthy Granola Bar (SimpleFrugal Photo Guides)

Easy Granola Bar Recipe: Design Your Own Healthy Granola Bar (SimpleFrugal Photo Guides) Rating:
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Beautiful Full Color Photos and Step-by Step Instructions

This is a one of a kind “designer recipe” with 13 original recipe ideas to inspire you to make your own perfect granola bar.

You want a granola bar with just the right crunch and just the right chewiness. Check.

You want one that doesn’t have a lot oats, plenty of fruit (or no fruit at all), milk chocolate instead of dark, and a lot more nuts (or not)! Check.

You want a bar that doesn’t go to pieces when it is hot out so you can stuff it in your purse, your kid’s lunchbox or take it backpacking. Check.

You can control ingredients for your food sensitivities (read: make it gluten-free). Check.

You don’t want to heat up the oven to do it! Check.

And you want to “know” what’s in the thing, too! Double check!

I wanted a bar like that too which is why I developed the Easy Granola Bar Recipe.

The recipe in reality is a template. You see, once you learn how to prepare the sticky binder, you can add any possible combination of dry ingredients. Make it plain; make it fancy – even make them gluten-free, if need be. Have it your way!

This isn’t your ordinary bland oat-filled bar… we are talking gourmet! Dare I say stellar?

The beauty of the recipe template is that it allows you to use just about any combination of sticky binder like honey, corn syrup, molasses or rice syrup - even jams and jellies.

Then add your favorite blend of dried and crunchy things like oats (or not), rice cereal, pretzels, nuts and seeds, even ready-made trail mix or granola. Also, add coconut and dried fruit like raisins, cranberries, blueberries – you choose.

To make them extra special, you can add yummy things like chocolate, coffee, spices and flavors.

Included are some of my family's favorites:
Peanut Butter Crunch
Praline Crunch Bar
Mocha Almond Crunch
Triple Chocolate Bars
Just Nuts!
Trail Mix Bar
Cranberry White Chocolate Bars
Liberty Bars
Raw Power Bar
Almond Bliss Bars
Ginger Snap Bars
Marshmallow Dump Bars

This way you can make a traditional granola bar with oats, nuts and seeds. Or try Just Nuts, an all nut version. Do you like white chocolate and cranberries? Cranberry White Chocolate are the bomb! Or add in chocolate and coffee to make a “mocha” bar – see Mocha Almond Crunch or Triple Chocolate. Anyone love pralines? You have to try Praline Crunch bars. You are free to explore with this recipe.

Oh, and these are a no-bake bar, too. Thought you’d like that.

Make your own gourmet granola bars today.


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