Surprising Foods and Products That Contain Gluten

table_noise_grain_698201_lThink your kitchen is completely free of gluten? Some foods are obvious sources of gluten, but others are more discreet. In this post, we’re going to reveal some surprising food and products that often contain gluten.

Soy Sauce

Often viewed as liquid salt, soy sauce may contain small but noticeable amounts of gluten. If you currently suffer from celiac disease or any other type of gluten intolerance or sensitivity, it’s best to avoid using soy cause unless it’s specifically labeled gluten-free.

Hot Dogs

It’s not uncommon for people with celiac disease to eat hot dogs and hamburgers without the buns, assuming the meat is safe and free of gluten. Normally, all-beef hamburger patties are gluten free, but hot dogs are a different story. The truth is that most processed meats, hot dogs included, contain at gluten. It’s added to prolong the meat’s shelf life, improve its consistency, and in some cases, to improve its flavor. If you have a celiac disease and want to enjoy a hot dog, choose a brand or variety that’s labeled gluten free.


Pickles, which are typically made of nothing more than cucumbers and vinegar, may also possess small, trace amounts of gluten.


Unless it’s specifically labeled as gluten-free, or if its the original Heinz brand, ketchup typically contains the grain-based protein known as gluten. It’s added to make the ketchup thicker and less runny. Of course, the disadvantage in using gluten as a thickening agent for ketchup is that it may trigger allergic attacks when consumed by people with celiac disease.

Salad Dressing

Yet another surprising food that contains gluten is salad dressing. Whether it’s ranch, thousand island, French, honey mustard, or any other flavor, chances are it contains gluten. Again, gluten is added to salad dressings to make it thicker and less runny. Being that gluten is inherently sticky, it’s able to bind to the ingredients to make the dressing thicker and more palatable.


Another surprising type of food that often contains gluten is canned coup. Freshly prepared soup, such as the type served as delis and bistro restaurants, typically doesn’t contain soup (although I would ask before ordering); however, canned soups sold at the grocery store are almost certain to contain it. Don’t assume that a particular variety of canned soup is safe just because it’s pure chicken or beef broth. Companies often add gluten to soups to make it thicker and prolong its shelf life.

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